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Support for Home Learning for PYE Staff

We know that this is a crazy time and we all believe our goal is to help students as best we can. You are all taking steps to meet your students' needs from the safety of your home - THANK YOU!
This area is created to support your work. Please check out the videos, tutorials, listing of technologies and feel free to contact any of the people listed for specific help or examples. 
Thank you for all you do and we will work through this difficult time together!
Edward and Keary
What to do right now
  1. Create your weekly plan for all subjects you teach. Use this template to help!
  2. Decide on your face-to-face meeting times with your students and what you will cover during those times. 1x-2x per week for 45-60 minutes is enough right now!
  3. Decide if you need a certain technology to deliver that instruction. For example, do you need to record yourself teaching? If so, use Google Meet and here's how! Do you need to connect live with your students? If so, Google Meet can also be used! Do you need to have students read content and respond? Google Slides is great for that and they can email you their answers. Google forms can also be used - here's how! Look at the tutorials to the right for more help or the examples from other PYE staff and reach out!
  4. Match your paper materials to your weekly plan. For those students who aren't online, the paper materials will be larger than for those who are- that's ok!